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Why Hire Newcomers to Canada?

Are you looking for qualified candidates to fill your job openings? Consider hiring newcomers to Canada. They can offer valuable contributions to your organization. Below are a few of them.

Newcomers will work with you long-term.

Some newcomers are temporary workers in Canada who work for a limited time. But the majority want to make Canada their forever home, and for them to stay here, they need a stable job. This is why they are looking for employers that will hire them long-term and subsequently support their application for permanent residence. So, if you hire newcomers, you can be sure they will stay with the company for at least two years.

Newcomers make it easier for you to fill job vacancies.

If you have job positions that are hard to fill, newcomers to Canada comprise candidates that you can highly consider. These are the type of workers that are eagerly looking for job opportunities so they can start their life in Canada. They are open to change and are eager to adapt to the Canadian workforce. More importantly, they work harder to show their skills and abilities and to gain Canadian work experience. In the process, they give their loyalty to employers who trust them to do the job.

Newcomers have set their eyes on growth.

Newcomers to Canada are eager not only to start living in the country but also to contribute to the growth of the business that will be hiring them. Moreover, they are competitive; thus, they are open to taking on new challenges, regardless of obstacles coming their way.

Newcomers can bring positive change and growth to the business.

Often, newcomers to Canada have strong work ethics that may rub off on the present employees. In addition, because they are internationally trained, they can share ideas and bring diverse and new perspectives to the organization. They may even be able to introduce different and innovative methods that may bring growth to the business.

Newcomers can help expand your business globally.

If you have plans to participate in the global marketplace or are already preparing to expand, newcomers to Canada can contribute a lot. As they are internationally-trained professionals, their skills and experience are suitable for building business competitiveness globally. Specifically, their cultural knowledge and language skills can also offer significant contributions.

Even Canada recognizes the contributions of newcomers to the economy. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., said that the progress of Canada over the last century and a half would not be complete without including the contributions of newcomers. So the next time you need to hire new employees, set your eyes on newcomers.

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