Newcomer Job Search Tips

5 Ways to Stand Out and Attract Canadian Employers (As a Newcomer)

For newcomers to Canada looking for employment opportunities, there are several steps to stand out from Canadian employers. From showcasing relevant skills and experience to creating a compelling resume and cover letter, discover how you can make yourself an attractive candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Research the Canadian Job Market

Before applying for jobs, research the Canadian job market and get familiar with the popular industries in the region you are looking to work in. Likewise, familiarize yourself with common job titles in these industries and which skills employers usually target. 

Visiting the National Occupational Classification website can help you check the educational requirements and primary duties of the position you are interested in applying for. In addition, use online resources such as LinkedIn and other job sites like Novices Jobs to track down valuable information on potential employers.

Network with Locals

When looking for jobs in Canada, it’s essential to use all available resources. You may know people who can provide tips about the job market and the hiring process. In addition, connecting with local professionals is a great way to access more job opportunities in your Canadian region. Try connecting in LinkedIn professional groups or job-related forums on social media. You can also network by attending local events and making connections there.

Get Certified and Take Classes

One of the best ways to show potential employers that you’re serious about getting a job in Canada is by taking classes and getting certified. Specific industries may have special requirements, such as specialized training or professional certifications. It can be beneficial to take additional courses based on your field to gain a deeper understanding of the position you are applying for. Taking classes also shows employers your dedication and initiative in gaining new skills and staying current with trends in your profession.

Update Your Resume to Include Related Experience

When updating your resume, you must show employers that you have relevant experience in Canada. Even if your experience was gained abroad, include the specific duties and responsibilities associated with each position. Remember to highlight any volunteer work, internships, and other activities designed to build your Canadian experience. Also, mention your language proficiency, such as fluency in French or English. This will help employers understand that you’re prepared for a successful transition into working in Canada.

Have Career Goals and Showcase Them in Your Cover Letter

A good cover letter is essential to the job application process. It can help you stand out from other applicants. In your cover letter, provide specific examples to show how your skills, experiences and qualities make you the best person for the job. Talk about what makes you unique and set yourself apart from other candidates. By doing this, you’ll be able to demonstrate to employers that you understand their organizational goals, vision and what they’re looking for in a candidate.


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